Primal Fitness: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Primal fitness isn’t just about running barefoot through the fields and eating a lot of meat. So what is it about, and how can we achieve it? Check out these 10 articles and videos to learn more.

Primal fitness isn’t just about running barefoot through the fields and eating a lot of meat. So what is it all about, and how can we achieve it in modern times? Check out these seven posts from our experts to learn how you can reconnect with your natural movement patterns to improve other areas of your fitness.

Synthetic Primal: Stone Age Fitness in the 21st Century (Krista Scott-Dixon)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave recently you’ve probably heard of the concept of “Paleo” or “primal” fitness. So, um… how do I actually do this primal fitness thing?

Primal Movement? What It Is and Why We Need It (Andrew Read)

Turns out you can not only eat primal, you can MOVE primal, too. Why do we need it? Let’s talk about human movement and then take a closer look at a program called Primal Move.

The Paleo Mystique: Deciphering “Paleo” Eating (Keith Norris)

A mystique surrounds the ideas of eating “paleo” that often confuses people, but in reality the concept is quite simple to understand and implement, for both optimal health and performance.

Friday Flicks: Erwan Le Corre and MovNat (Breaking Muscle HQ)

This week let’s take a look at what “primal” fitness in the modern world can look like. Let’s go on an outdoor adventure with Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat.

Primal Move Workout #1 – The Warm Up (Andrew Read)

Welcome to my four part video series of Primal Move workouts. Primal Move is an approach to human movement that prioritizes basic, natural movement. This week, let’s get warmed up!

An Explanation of MovNat from Erwan Le Corre (Erwan Le Corre)

MovNat is a physical education and fitness system that is entirely based on natural movement skills. Let me explain to you why it is imperative you work on these skills to achieve your other goals.

Leveraging Modern Technology to Achieve Ancestral Wellness (Keith Norris)

Can we, in fact, live in and partake of the awesomeness (and it is awesome) of modern society without falling victim to the inherent health-related shortcomings? How do we mesh modern and primal?

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