Strength & Conditioning – Dan John: Week 2, Day 2

Day two of week two from Dan John is all about tumbling. What’s that? Tumbling? Dan says it’s the hardest thing there is for conditioning.

Welcome to our second week of workouts designed by Dan John. With a background in track and field, weightlifting, and Highland Games, and having worked with elite athletes for years, Dan knows what it takes to make someone fast and strong.

Three new workouts from Dan will be posted each week, starting on Monday. They can be done on any day you have available.

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Week Two – Consisting of Two Days Lifting & One Tumbling Workout

Tumbling IS the single hardest conditioner I know. Doing five rolls in a row is going to put most people in a state of tired and loopiness that has to be experienced to appreciate. Obviously, use a good mat and spend some quality time learning to protect the head. These are some of the basics I use, but certainly add or subtract as you wish.

Forward roll

  • From stand
  • With legs crossed
  • Forward roll to a stand
  • Cross-legged roll to cross-legged stand
  • Roll into leap, turn, repeat

Shoulder roll

  • Alternate shoulders in a series
  • Shoulder rolls without arms

Dive rolls

  • Walk into a dive roll
  • Run into a dive roll
  • Dive rolls over obstacles (crouched people, mats)
  • Dive rolls for height (within reason)

Side rolls

  • Monkey rolls



Squat hand balance

  • Head and elbow handstand
  • Forward roll to squat hand balance
  • Walk on hands

Head and hand balance

Hand balance

  • Cartwheels
  • Round-offs

Note: Keep a bucket handy.