Strength & Conditioning – Jon Engum: Week 1, Day 2

The goal of this program by Master RKC Jon Engum is to build strength and flexibility in the hips and shoulders - the 'four knots' of the body - in order to improve performance and increase mobility.

This four-week program from Master RKC Jon Engum, author of the book “Flexible Steel,” promises to “breathe new life into your high mileage body.” How does Jon propose to do this? By strengthening the ‘four knots’ – the hips and shoulders. Building strength and increasing flexibility in these areas will provide tremendous benefits for athletic performance and everyday life.

Follow this link to read more about Jon’s unique approach and learn about each of the six exercises used in the program. Jon recommends doing these workouts in the morning or before your other training sessions.

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Week 1, Day 2:


RKC Arm Bar x 5 reps – left and right

Pullovers x5 reps


RKC Arm Bar x 5 reps – left and right

Pullovers x5 reps

Note: A rep in the case of an arm bar is the rhythmical movement of the hips in and out of the stretch. Not a bounce! The tempo is about 2 seconds in and 2 seconds out.

A rep of the pullover is obvious unless you are not able to get all the way to the ground. In that case a rep consists of a contract/relax cycle.

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