Sunday Seven: The Week’s 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 23

Every Sunday we post the “Sunday Seven” so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week’s popular topics: 12 Reps with Jim Wendler, aging, Primal Move, and more!

Every Sunday we post the “Sunday Seven” so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. Don’t miss this week’s top picks, which include 12 Reps with Jim Wendler, as well as posts about aging, Primal Move, nuts and seeds, Forrest yoga, and more!

1. 12 Reps With Jim Wendler, Strength & Conditioning Coach (Breaking Muscle HQ)

You’ve probably heard a lot of people say they are “doing Wendler” and you know that means they’re lifting weights. But do you know who Jim Wendler is? He weighs in today on our 12 Reps.

2. The Gifts of Being Forty-Five (Danette “Dizzle” Rivera)

I just turned 45, I’m the mother of two teenagers, I’m recently unemployed, and I spend a lot of time at my gym. In the past I might have judged myself, but I’ve learned a few things over time.

3. Primal Move Workout #3: Mirroring and Interaction (Andrew Read)

Today’s workout is a little different. One of the things that differentiates Primal Move from other systems is that we want you to explore your environment and interact with others.

4. An Athlete’s Guide to Nuts and Seeds (Kelly Plowe)

Get out of the “nut-rut” by reading this guide to nuts and seeds. Do you know which seeds are good for which reasons? Or maybe you’re just bored of the ones you’re eating? Read (and snack) on!

5. Breaking Muscle Video – Ana Forrest and Forrest Yoga (Jon Kolaska)

What is Forrest yoga? I’ll explain in this video what Forrest yoga is and what you can gain from the practice. We also hear straight from Ana a little bit about her philosophy.

6. The Best Defense is a Good…Defense (Eric C. Stevens)

I’ve coached boxing and muay Thai for some time now and this much I can tell you – people like offense. Unless one is a glutton for punishment, they typically don’t want to practice getting hit.

7. 4 Things Successful Athletes Do (That You Don’t) (Andrew Read)

What are the best athletes doing that you’re not? Why are they so successful and you’re slowly making progress? Here are four keys to success based on what the best athletes are already doing.

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