Thank You for Making the World Less Stupid

This week’s picks are a thank-you to our boldest coaches. Thanks to each of you for speaking your mind and the truth, and knocking the Internet stupidity level down a notch.

So many people are afraid to speak their mind for fear they might be wrong. We don’t have that problem here at Breaking Muscle. Our coaches speak their minds, writes their minds, and act their minds on a daily basis.

This week’s picks are a thank-you to our boldest coaches from this past week. Thanks to each and every one of you for speaking your mind, spreading the truth, and knocking the stupidity level down a notch or two on the Internet.

Editor’s Picks

The Good, Bad, and Ugly About Squats for Female Runners

Sometimes it’s nice not to be so terribly serious about training. A little humor is a nice break. So, dear Internet, take a big breath. Now exhale. Now read this for fun. And thank you to coach Amy D. Hester for writing this clever piece in which you will not learn new ground-breaking facts about squats, but you might actually find cause to laugh a little.

Eradicating Stupidity with Andrew Read: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 3

Coach Andrew Read has made it his mission to eradicate stupidity on the Internet. Woah. That’s big. But if anyone can do it, Andrew can. At least within the realm of personal training and strength and conditioning. This podcast is full of knowledge bombs.

How Are We Still Getting It Wrong: Abdominal Hollowing vs. Bracing

I love it when a coach takes a stand on what is right and what is wrong. I love it particularly when it’s backed up by both science and experience. Physical therapist Cassie Dionne takes a whack at your core with this piece about how “drawing your belly button to your spine” is just plain incorrect.

The Reality of Stretch Marks: My Body Will Never Be the Same

Talking about uncomfortable personal things, especially around body image, is not an easy task. So thank you to coach Nicole Crawford for bringing up the topic of stretch marks. Lots of us have them – moms, not moms, and men alike – and it helps to hear that others are out there.

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Multilevel Marketing Supplements and CrossFit

Anthony Roberts is never afraid to broach a controversial subject. This week he delves into the myths and lies behind multi-level marketing in the supplement industry. Specifically he addresses why it’s a very bad idea for a CrossFit gym to get involved in this type of business. And, oh boy, did the comment section turn out to be fun.

My Case for Women Only Beginner BJJ Classes

Coach Sally Arsenault voices what all women have thought at one time or another in jiu jitsu class: “The fact is some guys are dicks.” Sally outlines the many ways in which a co-ed BJJ class can go wrong, and why a women-only class is a great alternative, especially for women new to the sport.

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