The Best Exercises, Workouts, and Warm Ups You Can Do

This week’s picks are all about building you up, filling in the holes in the training, and creating a better, stronger, faster you.

Wondering what the best way is to get stronger? How to put together a useful warm-up? Or how to get from beginner to advanced on your one-legged squat? Never fear, the expert coaches of Breaking Muscle are here!

This week’s picks are all about building you up, filling in the holes in the training, and creating a better, stronger, faster you.

Editor’s Picks

5 Progressions for the Pistol Squat (Video)

Al Kavadlo might be thet happiest fitness coach on the planet. He also knows a whole lot about how to modify movements so that you continue to get stronger and more skilled. Check out his suggestions for progression and success at the one-legged squat.

Cossack Squat Variations for Improved Strength and Mobility

And while you’re working on your pistol, you might want to work on your Cossack squat, too. You know, the one that makes your hip feel like it’s going to explode? Yeah, that one. Coach Logan Christopher shares some excellent variations that will help you improve this movement.

The 4 Most Important Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing

Are you actually doing the exercises that will help you toward your goals? Physical therapist Cassie Dionne has some thoughts on this matter. She’s pretty sure you’re not doing these four movements and that if you did, it would make a big difference.

The 3 Best and 3 Worst CrossFit Workouts

As a multi-time CrossFit Games veteran, coach Patrick McCarty is a CrossFit expert. He’s seen it at its best and worst. And that’s exactly what he outlines in this article – which CrossFit workouts are definitely worth doing, and a few you should absolutely avoid.

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Build a Better Warm Up for a Better Work Out

Stuck in a rut doing the same ol’ thing for your warm up? Wondering if your warm up is actually helping your workout performance? Wonder no longer. Coach Michael Zweifel offers this detailed but easy-to-follow outline for how to build the best warm up for your training goals.

Every Plan Has Holes: Connecting the Shoulders, Hips, and Core

No matter what program you follow, there are probably some areas its not addressing. These could be bigger areas, like mobility, or actual areas on your body. Coach Andrew Read outlines both why this happens and how to solve the problem and fill in some essential gaps in your training.

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