The Rack Position Deserves Your Time

Perfect your positioning of the barbell for successful presses and front squats.

So far we have covered ankle mobility, hip mobility, and thoracic stability in this series of video instructionals. This time, we are going to review the rack position. The rack position is neither intuitive nor is it a natural position for many people. However, with the right emphasis on developing a strong rack position with the appropriate flexibility in the elbows, wrists, and shoulder, you learn to appreciate how naturally effective a strong rack position in your lifting practice.

In this video, we are going to start off with some self-testing so you can assess where you stand in your own practice, then we will pursue some exercises and holds that are designed to improve your rack position over the long term. Enjoy this instructional video with Coach Mike Tromello and PT Wade Maselich of Precision CrossFit in Agoura Hills, California. Look for more in this series in our Mobility Selt-Test and Improvement playlist on this channel.

As we have seen previously, most strength athletes seem to have limitations with mobility of the thoracic spine. Howvever, most coaches will tell you to get the elbows high in the racking of the barbell in the clean position.

The higher the elbows can go, the further back on the deltoids the bar can rest and therefore, be more stable. And, as a rule, if your elbows are not high you might touch your thighs which would be considered a no lift in weightlifting competition.

Check out the instructional video above, test your own limits, and do the exercises, working your way towards the right level of flexibility for a solid rack position. It makes a huge difference in your lifting, and it should be an essential part of your practice to make sure that you have optimal positioning and form.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming instructionals in the coming weeks or just click on the word tag Tromello Instructionals to pull them all up.

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