Top 10 Martial Arts Articles of 2012

Martial arts were another popular topic over the last year. Here are our top ten martial arts articles from 2012, written by coaches and athletes from a variety of disciplines.

Martial arts were another popular topic last year here at Breaking Muscle. We featured some great articles and exclusive interviews with martial artists from a variety of backgrounds, including our Featured Coach interviews and workouts from MMA coach Kevin Kearns. Here are our top 10 most popular martial arts articles in 2012, counting down from number ten:

Top 10 Martial Arts Articles of 2012

10. The PanAms: One of the Big Ones (BJJ Tournaments, That Is) (Valerie Worthington)

You can find a BJJ tournament any time of year, but there are some events that draw lots of big names and big action. The event scheduled the end of this month in Irvine, CA, is one such tournament.

9. How to Be a Stronger, Fitter Grappler in 80 Minutes Per Week (Andrew Read)

Because you’re a grappler you’re probably already short on training time and nursing an injury. For this reason you need a training plan that provides a lot for a little. Read on!

8. The Role of Ego in Jiu-Jitsu and Elsewhere (Valerie Worthington)

“Leave your ego at the door” – as you cross the threshold into the grappling academy or gym, tap into your humility really fast. You can learn a vital truth from anyone – if you are willing to do so.

7. The Physiology of a Rear Naked Choke, or: What Happens When You Get Choked Out (Valerie Worthington)

Chances are if you train BJJ, you’ve been on the receiving end of a rear naked choke. Have you ever wondered what physiological mechanisms of the choke are? Why you actually pass out?

6. Camp is Campy: Why I Love Teaching Women’s Grappling Camp (Valerie Worthington)

Who doesn’t love camp? You get to do fun things and make new friends. For the adult, female grapplers out there, you can STILL go to camp – Women’s Grappling Camp.

5. 4 Ways to be a Good Training Partner: Getting Started in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Valerie Worthington)

One thing I have become pretty good at is helping people feel comfortable drilling and training with me; this, in turn helps me have a more enjoyable training experience.

4. Bartitsu: The Steampunk Mixed Martial Art (Kendall Giles)

What do Sherlock Holmes, Steampunk, and martial arts have in common? That would be Bartitsu, the eclectic system of martial arts originally developed in England in the years 1898-1902.

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3. Competing Against a Friend: Balancing Respect and Competition (Valerie Worthington)

Whether for a promotion or a gold medal, sometimes we must compete against friends. How do you keep mutual respect for each other while still respecting the competition?

2. The Gentle Art of Humility: Ego and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Valerie Worthington)

Animal House reminds us “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.” Add to this “arrogant” and “entitled.” And read on to start accessing your humility.

1. Ten Ways to Win Over Your Grappler Friend (Valerie Worthington)

Have a friend who’s become obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or grappling? Not sure how to communicate with them anymore? Read these 10 tips to win over your martial arts friend!

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