Wellness Supplements for Performance and Health

These three small changes will offer huge benefits in the way you feel in and out of the gym.

I do not consider myself an athlete in the traditional sense, yet I work out and treat my body like the temple most athletes are known for. In the last 12 months I have made a few daily changes to my diet. These changes were intentional and monitored closely for outcomes.

Results from simple tweaks in my kitchen have offered huge benefits to my wellness plan, supporting my body in a way that has aided performance and overall health.

A pleasant side effect of these enhancers has been the effect on my skin, hair, and nails. Little did I know how these simple tools would provide lifting, tightening, and clearing benefits to my face and skin. Almost every day someone comments on my skin and how pretty it is. I am 53 years old, 100% natural and feel like I’m looking younger every day and others think so, too.

For those wanting healthy joints and thick, strong nails and hands, the list below has you covered.

Bone Broth

You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the power of bone broth. This elixir is considered liquid gold that helps alleviate leaky gut syndrome and food allergies, boosts immune health, reduces cellulite, and improves joint health. Bone broth or stock allows minerals to be absorbed easily in the body reducing inflammation and pain.

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

So many people ask me about my morning coffee ritual. The truth is I often rush to bed in anticipation of this delicious morning drink. Adding MCT oil to my coffee has been a tool in my bag of tricks I simply could not wrap my head around until I actually understood first-hand the power of MCT oil.

I live with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) yet have always been addicted to a good old fashion sweat no matter what MS threw my way. However, moving my limbs has been a huge problem as well as cognitive function. MCT oil daily in my morning coffee has shown remarkable improvements in energy and endurance. I tested this theory several times and I wouldn’t stop using MCT oil, ever.


I have come to believe you can never have too much collagen. I would never have considered adding this to my already daily intake of bone broth if it wasn’t for winning a huge container of collagen protein from an Instagram contest.

I consciously decided to experiment with collagen for 90 days, adding it to my morning coffee and monitoring my results. I paid close attention to my time on the yoga mat daily, especially my hands and feet. Yoga is a critical tool in my wellness plan and helps bring body awareness into my daily life.

For almost a decade I could not hold a mug by the handle due to the effects of MS. I could not use my hands without equal time of self-care, meaning 20 minutes of use required 20 minutes of self-myofascial release. Since adding collagen, I sometimes can go an entire day with no self-care at all. Nothing at all, which is such a dramatic outcome. I am still wrapping my head around it.

Collagen is tasteless, will support joint health, and is often credited with keeping bodies put together, which is a huge role, especially for athletes. In addition, collagen aids digestion, detoxes your body, and increases energy while supporting your hair, skin, and nails.

Toast to Health and Wellness

The benefits of these wellness tools are huge and I highly recommend considering them. They are easy to incorporate and accessible to everyone, which makes them beneficial for supporting cellular health and turning the clock back on your skin, hair, and nails with each sip.

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