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Ingrid goes swimming! Find out Ingrid's experience of combing swimming into a CrossFit workout and what she sees as the most common swim technique mistakes.
This week Travis journals via video. Watch as he talks about what it's been like to try to train through being sick, while CrossFit Games Regionals are only TWO weeks away!
How does Ingrid navigate travel and the holidays while sticking to her nutrition and training schedule? Find out how Easter holiday went for Ingrid!
Michael Winchester journals about the common pitfalls he sees that a CrossFitter (or any athlete) runs into as they progress - and his key to success, staying the course.
The first Athlete Journal entry from Travis Holley of CrossFit Central and Strictly Strength. Travis shares with us why he is so passionate about fitness and how simple it can really be.
I didn’t feel deflated after the Open like I thought I would. With every step I take up the ladder of my own potential, the day-to-day work finds more purpose. Here’s how I’m moving forward.
26 days. 26 days until Ingrid competes in San Antonio in the CrossFit Games Regionals. She competes as an individual, with the dream of continuing on to the Games themselves.
CrossFit Central placed second in their region at the end of the CrossFit Games Open. This means Michael is continuing on as a member of the affiliate team headed for the Regionals!
What has the CrossFit Games Open meant to the rest of us? The non-elite? What about someone like me whose history of Rx’ing workouts is not long and still inconsistent?
Ingrid finished in 11th place in the South Central Region at the end of the CrossFit Games Open. So, why does she feel so unsatisfied? Find out what went wrong...and what went right.
The word for this week is DEDICATION - dedication beyond the daily or weekly workout, or even the CrossFit Games. And if you do make the Games - that's ANOTHER level of dedication indeed.
Michael asks this week, "What does The Open mean to you?" and elaborates on why everyone, not just the elite, get something amazing from competing in the CrossFit Games Open.
Peter Egyed talks about the challenges of competing while running a business and having a family, and the joy of seeing your coaches and clients succeed.
Michael Winchester shares his experience at CrossFit Central - what was the 2nd WOD of the CrossFit Open like? How does he feel about repeating the WODs? What works for his training schedule?
Michael Winchester trains at the well-known CrossFit Central in Texas. How has his training been going? And how did he do on the first workout in the CrossFit Games Open?
The first workout of the CrossFit Games Open has gone by - 7 minutes of burpees! Find out how Peter's training is going as he talks about balancing competition, workouts, and life.
Week 1 of the CrossFit Games Open has passed - find out how Ingrid did on the 7 minutes of burpees and how she trained leading up to it.