Memento Mori is a tool to overcome challenges in life and find the inspiration to push through any obstacle before you.
It’s easy to get carried away by emotion and let it control you instead of using the energy of it toward a singular effort.
For optimal health we need to go to a deeper level that encompasses so much more than just macros.
This 30x30 challenge synchronizes training to spur big results.
How do we learn to harmonize our conscious thought with the feeling and reactions within the body?
You want to add yoga to your Olympic weightlifting or try martial arts with your powerlifting? Let's see what makes sense.
It’s about changing your impression of what difficult is, and who you are when you meet it.
If we don’t use our freedom to impose limitations then we will never be free.
Set your mind right and the body will follow.
The most important choice is to find a stretch program that has a clear method, core principles, and certified fitness and wellness professionals.
Focusing on the small steps that need to be taken on a consistent basis is the key to success.
Purpose stems from struggle, not from comfort.
In the grand scheme of things consistency always wins over perfection.
There is nothing wrong with a pre-Thanksgiving meal workout. Maybe this year it can have an intention of gratitude.
Imagine what sort of training, if any, takes place with low self-worth, self-defeating thoughts, and fear? Imagine recovery without either.
Willpower is the ability to be the person you want to be, rather than an impulsive, whiny child. It is the power to create your life.
The healthiest, longest living adults are the ones who sleep well and manage their stress correctly.