Contributor - Champion Powerlifter

Chris is an accomplished powerlifter, owning the Drug Free American Powerlifting

Records for the squat, bench press, deadlift, and powerlifting total in the 198lb class. Chris has the largest powerlifting total in Oregon’s history regardless of weight class and is one of the top deadlifters and squatters in the world with a 801lb deadlift in the 198lb Class and 1008lb squat in the 220lb class.


Chris Duffin is the Head Coach and Partner at Elite Performance Center in Portland, Oregon. Unlike most powerlifers and strength athletes, Chris is also enthralled with all things related to conditioning, nutrition, and supplementation. In addition to maintaining single digit body fat year round, Chris loves to engage in the occasional endurance event or strength and conditioning feat.


It is not a surprise with Chris’s attention to detail and perfectionism he is also an academic nerd with an Engineering Degree and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Many of Chris’s coaching skills and high expectations that push people past their self-imposed limits have made him successful in the business world. To support the growth of his training facility, Chris’s full-time employment is as the General Manager of an aerospace manufacturing company.


You can read more of Chris Duffin’s work at his blog, Kabuki Warrior.