Sports Psychology

A New Kind of Resolution for 2015

This article takes five typical strength training goals and explains how to create focused resolutions you won’t quit on.

The Difference Between Fear and Love in Fitness

Step back and evaluate whether or not you have a healthy relationship with exercise.

Screw Goals: It's All About Your System

Learning and following a proven system is the true key to success.

Lessons While Shooting: How to Take Aim in Life and Sport

Learn how to relax, point, and shoot at your own goals.

3 Important Questions to Help Recalibrate Your Training Focus

Take some time to step back and evaluate the "whys" of your own routine.

Maximize Performance Through Controlling Your Arousal Level

Have you ever been really excited about an event and found that then things went really well?

Lack of Food Might Make You Better at Making Decisions

You might want to hold off on eating dinner before your next big poker game.

For Weight Loss, the Scale Can Be Your Friend

A new study suggests daily weighing provides beneficial feedback and motivation for weight loss clients.

6 Daily Practices for Learning to Love Your Body and Your Self

Through these practice I no longer stress about being perfect. Instead, I love my body for simply existing.

Study Gives Tips for Healthy Habit Formation in Kids (and Adults)

A recent study investigated how forming habits successfully is related to setting goals.

The 5 Most Important Words for Succeeding in Fitness

Words are the fuel behind the the endless reps, miles, and sweat. The right word has the power to transform.

4 Motivational Lessons Rocky Balboa Can Teach You

Welcome to the Rocky Balboa School of Motivation! Here are powerful lessons drawn from the life of Rocky, the ultimate underdog.

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