Sports Psychology

Project Mayhem: Sign Up and Tell Complacency to #$@% Off

Join me in Project Mayhem. Find something that scares you and sign up for it. Look complacency in the eye and tell it to f' off. If you never feel pain, you're never really alive.

And Then What? What Happens After We Reach Our Goals

And then what? This question is about what happens after we’ve reached the goal. It's a question about the long term, who we are, and what we’re seeking at a deeper level.

The Myth of Willpower: The 3 Step Way to Create Lasting Habits

Willpower isn't actually anything more than good habits. How do you get rid of bad habits and create new ones? Here's an easy-to-follow, 3-step plan.

May I Make an Observation? The Benefit of Letting Our Senses Do the Work

Can you make observations of your training and performance devoid of meaning and emotion? This is an essential skill in learning (and also for your emotional health).

There's No Such Thing as Willpower: How to Identify Triggers of Bad Habits

Do you feel envious of your friend who can skip the brownies or the pizza without flinching? She doesn't have amazing "willpower" - she just has great habits, and you can too.

The Domesticated Life of the Somewhat Feral Athlete

Recently I've been reflecting on my propensity for violence, but what I've realized is that I simply like real things. I like feeling like a human being and interacting on a primal, authentic level.

Starting Over Again: 6 Lessons Learned From Injury

If you've ever had an injury you know healing is a physical AND mental process. Here is some advice for getting through the emotional and mental side of healing.

When Stress and Genitals Collide

New science shows that stress increases risk-taking in men and decreases risk-taking in women. What does this have to do with your workout? Read on to find out.

More Is More: What If We Believe There’s Enough to Go Around?

It's easy to feel like when others get ahead in training or competition that it means you're behind. But what if there's plenty for everybody? What if the success of others is proof you can do it too?

You’re Not Making the Godfather: Quit Taking Your Training So Seriously

While it's great to have passion about your fitness, it's not healthy for the long-term to act like you're headed for the Olympics. It's time to look at the big picture.

Why We Prefer Individual Sports Over Team Sports

Many of us grew up in team sports, but we didn't stick to them and chose an individual sport instead. Why do some of us prefer individual sports, and what are the pros and cons of this?

Facing the Pain: Let It Be Your Guide

Pain can't be avoided in our lives - either in the gym or outside of it. But how we handle our pain can determine what we learn and how successfully we move forward.

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