Chris Duffin's Powerlifting Holiday Wish List

Chris Duffin



EDITOR'S NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Coach Chris, who coaches and competes in powerilfting, provided us with a wish list that any strength athlete would be happy with.


demon bells, kabuki warrior, kettlebellsChris Duffin's Powerlifting Holiday Wish List



1. Demon Bells "Hannya"

I am a lifter who loves kettlebells who goes by the name Kabuki Warrior. A set of kettlebells shaped in the form of a Kabuki Warrior seems to be just way too coincidental for me to pass up.


weight belt, powerlifting belt, python lifting belt, python powerlifting belt2. Genuine Python Skin Lever Belt - $300.00

The cast aluminum lever on my current belt has broken yet again. Want to upgrade to a steel lever, so why not get something uber over the top.


3. Professional Haulin Hook Straps - $65.95

So I never set my straps loose and drop the bar if I compete in Bros vs Pros again.


bamboo barbell, bamboo bar, westside4. Westside Bandbell (Bamboo) Bar - $289.00

Work your stabilizers to the maximum using this very flexible bar combined with hanging kettlebells from bands while pressing. I’ve always wanted one.


5. Bioforce HRV Monitor - $197.00-279.00

bioforce, bioforce hrv, eight weeks out, hrv monitor, hrv measurementMeasure your autonomic nervous system response with a heart rate variability monitor to maximize your training loads and also prevent overtraining. As someone who over trains frequently maybe a little data otherwise will suggest otherwise. Okay, I cheated and got this one already - and it says go crush some weights today!


6. Converse Shoes - $55.00-80.00

superfeet, insoles, superfeet insolesCan always use a new pair of lifting shoes.


7. Superfeet Insoles - $39.95

For said lifting shoes.


8. Massage Therapy Gift Certificates – $100+

Oh yeah, always go with more recuperation!


tx bar organics, grass fed beef, grass-fed beef, online grass fed beef9. Grass Fed Beef from Tx Bar Organics - $1,350

Well maybe a quarter-cow would be a more reasonable request. Need to fill up the freezer with grass-fed beef again so I can empty it.


10. RKC Kettlebell Set - $41.75-241.95

Yes I already own tons of kettlebells but they are all at my gym. Can never have too many kettleblells so why not a set or two for the home. That way I don’t always need to the gym to do some kettlebell work.


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