12 Reps – The Breaking Muscle Digest – Vol. 1, Issue 18

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

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Featured Article of the Week:

The Ultimate 90-Day Bodyweight Training Plan – This plan delivers amazing results in terms of fat loss, conditioning, and muscle development – but it is not for the faint of heart.

Reader Favorites:

Breaking Down the CrossFit, #SugarKills, and Coke Debate – CrossFit, Inc. is out to rewrite the script of fitness worldwide – more so than they have already, which is a lot. That won’t happen if all their affiliates lose the legal right to train clients, though.

Post-Workout Beers: Smart Strength With Charles Staley – Leg Strength, NSAIDS, training plateaus, and beer as a post-workout. Or not…

Recovery 201: Next-Level Practices for Muscle Adaptation – Andrew Read’s last article addressed how you can recover better and provided a way for you to track your training to make better progress. Since then, he’s fielded quite a few emails asking about how this information can best be used.

Your Addictive Personality Can Wreak Havoc on Your Diet – As physique and bodyweight based sports grow in popularity, it’s becoming common to run into athletes who struggle with their relationship to food post-competition.

Power Up Your Core With the Resisted Quadruped Rock – A simple and effective way to release tightness in the thoracolumbar fascia while simultaneously engaging the abdominal stabilizing muscles. To put it simply, you become a powerhouse in your core.

Say No To Noodles: Try Zucchini Instead – The small change of substituting zucchini for white flour products can make an amazing difference.

From the Archives:

Science Says Alcohol Not the Best Post Workout Drink – While it’s a common post-game ritual, it isn’t the ideal way if fast recovery is important to you.

Workout Programs:

The Breaking Muscle 28-Day Meditation Challenge – Want to help sick kids and improve your life at the same time? It’s free – all it takes is a little bit of your time.

Low-Impact, High-Efficiency: 12 Weeks to Better Swim Technique – These swim workouts are for those whose swimming skills are bringing down the rest of their game.

Strongman Training: Max Lifts Focus – Whether you are looking for explosive strength, the ability to lift heavy for multiple reps, or to increase your max lifts, strongman is a fun and effective way to do so.

An 8-Week Longevity-Based Program for Masters Weightlifters – Have you seen this week’s updates?

We hope you enjoy these selections – see you next weekend with another installment.

The Breaking Muscle Team

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