7 Articles for Chocolate Lovers

Good news: real chocolate is good for you (in moderation of course). Here are a few reasons why, plus some products any chocolate connoisseur has got to try.

If you start drooling when you hear the word “cacao,” you’re in for a treat. Here are 7 articles that explain why real chocolate is actually good for you – plus a few products you’ve gotta try if you call yourself a chocolate lover.

Top 5 Superfoods You Should Be Eating (Heidi L. George)

“Superfoods” are super-concentrated and nutrient-rich. Do you know which foods these are? Cacao? Goji berries? What else? Read on to find out & boost your health! (there’s a recipe, too!)

Vegan Chocolate: I’m Kind of an Expert (Danette “Dizzle” Rivera)

I eat processed chocolate every week as part of my cheat meal, and raw chocolate a little more often. Since a lot of premium dark chocolate is often vegan, I’ve tried many kinds.

Top 10 Exotic Superfoods (Brad Sly)

Last week we looked at superfoods you could find in any grocery store. This week we go on an adventure at look at ten exotic, but incredibly powerful superfoods you might want to hunt down.

Product Review: Chocolatl Empower Bar and Puma Bites (Becca Borawski)

If you are looking for a satisfying, paleo-friendly and/or vegan-friendly, sweet tooth experience you can feel good about buying and eating, Chocolatl is it.

Product Review: Sunfoods Organic Cacao Nibs (Nicole Crawford)

Not only are Sunfood’s cacao nibs delicious and healthy, but they are also organic, vegan, raw, and non-GMO verified. And you can use them in everything, from smoothies, to trail mix, to soup.

Product Review: Lulu’s Chocolate (Heidi L. George)

Lulu’s raw vegan chocolates are all handcrafted and sourced from only the highest quality Ecuadorian cacao beans that are grown and harvested by small family Fair Trade farmers.

Product Review: Next Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Snacks (Doug Dupont)

Make no mistake, these are sweet snacks, but if you have a sweet tooth you can’t help but indulge from time to time, you’d be doing yourself a favor to make Next Organics your first and only stop.

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