Approachable Beginner Workouts to Get You Into Shape Quickly

This workout cycle will ease you into a routine while challenging you at the same time.

Whether you’ve never been the athletic type or you’ve taken an extended break from physical activity, when it comes to embarking on a workout regimen it’s difficult to know where to start. This workout plan will ease you into an increasingly challenging routine.

You’ll start with effective, fundamental exercises. Coach Bret Hamilton stresses sustainability and consistent progression in training. Over twelve weeks, Bret will give you the tools to begin a rewarding fitness journey.

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12-Week Beginner Workout Program

Start building a strong foundation of basic strength and quality movements.

Month 1: Build a Base

Week 1

This workout will ease you back into a fitness routine. By using mostly bodyweight, you can focus on getting the movements correct.

Week 2

Compound movements like squats help you build a good base of overall strength.

Week 3 

Pay special attention to technique this week. Get the full range of motion with each rep.

Week 4 

Ramp it up a notch with more kettlebell swings and longer duration planks this week.

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Month 2: Groovin’

Week 5

This week a new exercise is introduced – the goblet squat.

Week 6 

The kettlebell swing is a favorite in this cycle. Make sure you’re doing it with proper technique.

Week 7 

Intervals provide an effective and efficient cardiovascular workout.

Week 8

Measure your progress this week. By now, you’ll have doubled the length of time that you can hold the plank position.

Month 3: The Last Leg

Week 9

Now Bret adds the renegade row – a great exercise for the back, biceps, lats, triceps, and chest.

Week 10 

It’s time for the real deal. You’ll continue to practice the Turkish get up with a shoe, but you’ll be challenged with added weight from here on.

Week 11 

By this time, you should be feeling very comfortable with the exercises. Focus on great form this week.

Week 12 

This is it, the last workout of the cycle. Give it your all.

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