Author: Allison Moyer

Allison Moyer is a nationally ranked NPC Figure Athlete, nationally and internationally published fitness model, an avid CrossFit athlete, BSN, C.P.T, C.S.N, C.N.W.C, and owner of Alli-Fitness Systems LLC and Predator-Diet INC. Well known for being a Paleo and Christian athlete, she currently runs a successful online blog and contributes actively to several online websites such as The Athletic Build, Tabata Times, and Breaking Muscle. As an innovative nutritionist, exercise specialist, and contest prep coach, Allison has been voted Best of Central PA’s Fitness Trainer the past five years in a row.Her personal passion ispaleo nutrition and primal training, which she has structured with special implementation for physique and elite athletes through her online website, Predator Diet. Allison currently has trained nearly 300 clients both in person and through her focus in remote online distance training. She can be contacted for appearances, talks, seminars, training, and more by email, [email protected] or her website.

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