Author: Orion Lee

Orion Lee is a martial artist with two decades of experience. Beginning training in the martial arts at eight years old, Orion from an early age held a passion for fitness and well being. He has a degree in contemporary Chinese martial arts and several certifications in personal training and nutritional consultation. Orion’s belief in both the martial arts and in fitness has always been similar to those of the great Bruce Lee, less is more and do away with the non-essential whenever possible. Orion’s extensive knowledge and experience allows him to customize challenging, technique-focused, and simple curriculums that create strong, smart, and safe athletes. Orion has dedicated many years to studying numerous styles of martial arts, nearly four of which were spent training intensively in China where he studied sanda (Chinese kickboxing), muay Thai and wushu. Orion has specialized in the art of muay Thai for the past ten years, and has had the honor of training under several great instructors including Guru Dan Inosanto, Jongsanan (The Woodenman), Grandmaster Vincent Lyn, Kru Mike Wise, Kru John Speazzano, Kru Victor Acosta, and several Lumpinee stadium champions. Orion currently fights out of Robot Fight & Fitness in Santa Monica, California, where he trains under Kru David Huerta and also works as the director of strength and conditioning.

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