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Savannah Wishart is a commercial photographer specializing in primal arts: paleo food photography, yoga photography and CrossFit photography. While studying the art, science and mathematics of photography at Brooks Institute, she happened upon her first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Pacific Coast. Since that fateful introduction in 2009, she has become a passionate competitor and follower of the paleo diet. In 2012, a few months before graduation, she fell in love with the softness that can only be found in yoga. After graduating and pursuing an international career in travel photography, Savannah came full-circle back to her athletic roots to pursue the work she does today. Since January 2013, she has built intimate partnerships with clothing companies, health magazines, CrossFit affiliates, elite athletes, and practiced yogis – and those relationships continue to grow. Her project, Primal Revolutions, is all about supporting individuals and businesses that aim to bring the world back to a natural environment. It is a partnership with Mother Nature – a contract to empower those who wish to make the world a better and healthier place – healthier in terms of sustainability, natural foods, primal movement, love, and environment. When she's not photographing, networking, or writing, Savannah can be found hiking with her dog, Havok, finding a taste of release in downward dog, learning about animal totems, or smashing out a few burpees with friends.

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Roasted Squash Soup (Recipe)

Hello beautiful readers! Savannah from Primal Revolutions here. You may have seen my photographs featured in Breaking Muscles infographics, and I’m sure you’ll continue to

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