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The infamous burpee! The burpee is an integral bodyweight and CrossFit movement. This video shows you how to do them properly and QUICKLY.
The first journal entry of the third athlete participating in our weekly journals - follow Michael, Peter Egyed, and Ingrid Kantola each week as they progress through the CrossFit Games season!
Want to know how Peter Egyed, veteran of four CrossFit Games, is training for this year's CrossFit Games Season? Check every Tuesday at 3pm Pacific for his latest Athlete Journal entry.
The first installment of our new feature - The Athlete Journals. Follow amazing athletes as they share their training, nutrition, recovery, and mental preparation for the CrossFit Games!
Starting February 22 the long process of selecting the “Fittest Man and Woman on Earth” will take place beginning with the CrossFit Games Open and culminating at the CrossFit Games on July 13-15.
Last week in part one of our interview we learned how Andy evolved from trumpet player to professional adventure racer. The next evolution would take him from athlete to trainer to CrossFit coach.