sports psychology

Whether you grow to reach your potential depends entirely on the effort you are willing to invest.
You can overcome the landscape of distractions and get more from each moment of your training.
If you say "gym is life" without a twinge of irony, maybe it's time you take a break.
The movements we watch become the ones we imitate.
The magic of coaching is to change your perspective, and these three questions can help you do that for yourself.
When your resolve to reach your goal wavers, it's time to make a choice.
A mindset of persistent thankfulness can help you find and stay in the zone.
The words you use can predict the outcome of anything you're trying to do.
Recent evidence suggests that elite athletes tend to have faster, more efficient brains than non-athletes.
There is a way to show up ready to win, instead of just hoping not to lose.
Make sure the intelligence of your training is equal to the intensity.
In Copenhagen, Denmark, researchers test virtual reality in a nursing home to help create motivational experiences that drive exercise among the elderly.
The race itself is just the expression of what you have already accomplished.
Once you've decided to make a change, this is how you can get started.
The starker potentials in mindfulness are a big reason many people hit a wall.
When you share your knowledge, you get more than you give.
Novice or world champion, these truths will keep you on the straight and narrow in fitness.