Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Workouts?

Sometimes our workouts are our best friends, and sometimes we feel like the jilted ex. This week’s articles are about the different ways we relate to our training.

We have many relationships in our lives as athletes. Relationships to teammates, coaches, and even to our workouts themselves. Sometimes our workouts are our best friends, and sometimes we feel like the jilted ex.

This week’s articles are all about all the different ways we relate to our workouts. Some are about the benefits and others are about how we can better our relationship to our training, and therefore improve our performance.

Editor’s Picks

How Play Can Make You Fitter and Happier

Do you ever just have fun in your training? Coach Darryl Edwards specializes in making workouts fun by introducing the concept of play. You know, that thing you did all the time as a child and you never even realized you were exercising.

Sole Sisters: Forming Lasting Bonds Through Running

Your training can serve a lot of different purposes. One of the biggest ones for many people is the emotional support and community that comes from training with like-minded individuals. Coach Amy D. Hester shares the importance of her women’s running group.

5 Workout Remedies for When You Feel Weak

Sometimes you and your workout just don’t see eye to eye. You know how it’s supposed to go, but it’s just not feeling right. Coach Logan Christopher offers advice and alternative approaches for those days when you’re just not feeling it.

Free the Zoo Humans: Workouts and Wisdom From Erwan Le Corre

Have you ever considered the context of your relationship to your workouts? Like, is this how humans are supposed to train? Or are you trying to force an unnatural relationship? What if you took your training outdoors and into the wild? Coach Erwan Le Corre explains.

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6 Cheap Ways to Turn Couch Potato Kids Into Ninja Warriors

This article by Coach Nicole Crawford was written with kids in mind, but you could take this same approach to your “adult” workouts. In fact, maybe your relationship with your workouts is a little too adult and might be benefitted by a little fantasy and adventure!

Why Do We Train? Finding Purpose in Movement

Just as we search to find purpose in life, sometimes we find ourselves searching for hte purpose in our training. Is the objective you have set for yourself the right one? Are you adn your workout headed the same place? Coach Chris Garay offers some thoughts to ponder.

What Firefighters Know About Asking for Help That You Don’t

Relationships can go bad. Training relationships can go bad, too. You can train too much or too little. Either is dysfunctional. And how does your training relationship impact all your other relationships in your life? Coach John Annillo shares his advice on how to sound the alarm when you’re in danger.

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