Energy System Optimization With Joel Jamieson

This four-part video series by coach and bestselling author Joel Jamieson is an education in energy systems that anyone can make immediate use of.

Joel Jamieson is widely considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports, but has also worked with and consulted extensively for teams and organizations ranging from Navy SEALS to Life Time Fitness. He is the author of the bestselling book Ultimate MMA Conditioning and is a contributing writer to several top magazines and a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars all over the world.

Energy Systems Are Basic to Life and Performance

The featured coaches on Breaking Muscle usually deliver four-week workout programs to improve your performance in specific disciplines, such as Olympic lifting with Chad Vaughn or handstands with Pamela Gagnon.

This month, we are going a slightly different direction with Joel Jamieson. Joel has created a four-part video series on optimizing energy systems training for any sport or endeavor.

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You Must Understand Energy Systems to Train Optimally

Week One Highlights:

Joel Jamieson, BioForce HRV, heartrate, heart rate training

Joel Jamieson, BioForce HRV, heartrate, heart rate training

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