10 Links to Give Life to Your Deadlift

The deadlift is often called the King of Lifts, for good reason - it is one of the best lifts for full-body strength, posterior chain development, and muscle growth. Here are ten links to help you pick up your deadlift.


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Breaking Muscle Video - The Deadlift (Traver H. Boehm)

The deadlift is a misunderstood and oft vilified movement. The truth is - we do it every day. Coach Traver Boehm shows us how to do it correctly and safely.


5 Tips for a Stronger Deadlift (Andy Bolton)

I've pulled 1,008lbs in competition. Want to know how you can lift heavier, too? Here are my top five tips for better deadlifting, no matter what kind of athlete you are.


Get a Grip: 3 Ways to Grip a Deadlift and How to Get Your Grip Stronger (Chet Morjaria)

When it comes to deadlifting, you have three grips to choose from - the hook grip, the double overhand grip, and the mixed grip. Let’s look at each and explore what they each have to offer.


3 Unusual Accessory Exercise to Bust Through Your Deadlift Plateau (Josh Henkin)

Powerlifters and Olympic lifters have used variations of their lifts to improve their specific weaknesses for decades. We can use the same strategy with the deadlift with these variations.



How to Deadlift More (Andy Bolton)

I'm going to walk you through how I deadlift - step by step. You might be missing some small, but important details that could make the difference in lifting a lot more.


Increasing the Deadlift for the Collision Sport Athlete (Dan John)

You can drive your deadlift up to amazing numbers by NEVER deadlifting heavy. In fact, sometimes I think it is actually counterproductive to pull heavy deadlifts.


Science Says Bikram Yoga Helps Your Deadlift (Joshua Wortman)

While we all know yoga can make you more flexible, new research shows Bikram yoga can increase your deadlift as well.


Book Review: "Deadlift Dynamite" by Pavel Tsatsouline and Andy Bolton (Doug Dupont)

Two greats of strength training, Pavel and Andy, wrote a book that focuses on all three powerlifting movements, but specifically on how to improve your deadlift.


Deadlifting with Chains: Why Science Says Chains Work (Becca Borawski)

Maybe you’re a powerlifter or maybe you’re new to strength training and a little scared of powerlifters. Either way, you could probably benefit from some science behind the use of chains.


Deadlifting With a Rounded Back: If the Best Do It, Why Can't You? (Logan Christopher)

Contrary to what some spine experts say - that if your back ever rounds you're going to immediately die of the bubonic plague - the human body can move that way, and might even lift more that way.


Photo courtesy of Andy Bolton.

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