Get Ready for Handstands: Intro to Inversion

Justin Lind


Kettlebells, Gymnastics, CrossFit


Get Ready for Handstands: Intro to Inversion - Fitness, Gymnastics, inversion, hollow position, handstands, shoulder stability, shoulder strength, Get Ready for Handstands Series


This is the sixth part of a comprehensive video series designed to bring you toward a strong and stable free-standing handstand. While this video (see below) will benefit your training regardless of your current fitness or goals, it is intended as part of a larger series.



Check out all the other videos in this series for the complete picture:


Introduction to Inversion

We have spent the first five weeks developing the mobility and awareness for a proper handstand while using drills to strengthen and stabilize the position. This video will take you upside down. We begin with progressions for building comfort being inverted for the first time, and build with drills that reinforce the position.



Whether you are just beginning your handstand journey or have been working toward it for some time, this week will help you hone your position while growing more accustomed to being upside down.

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