Get Ready for Handstands: Strength and Stability

Justin Lind


Kettlebells, Gymnastics, CrossFit

Get Ready for Handstands: Strength and Stability - Fitness, bodyweight exercise, inversion, handstands, skill acquisition, core stability, Get Ready for Handstands Series


This is part 5 of a comprehensive handstand video series to bring you toward a strong and stable free-standing handstand.



While this video will bring benefit to your training regardless of your current fitness or goals, it is intended as part of larger handstand series. I encourage you to check out all of the preceding parts:


Strengthening and Stabilizing the Position

In this video, we will focus on the final vital pieces to balance in a handstand. We have already opened up and strengthened the position. These drills and exercises add a stability challenge to the handstand position making you more equipped to balance freestanding. We will also further strengthen our overhead shoulder position and practice the type of engagement that reinforces a proper handstand.


Add all of these to your handstand regimen and stay tuned next week when we begin to turn upside down!




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