Proven Strategies for Getting Stronger

Becca Borawski Jenkins


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In the beginning, it might seem that every time you lift a barbell or swing a kettlebell that you get a little bit stronger. But at some point, you become a veteran athlete and the gains stop coming so quickly, or even at all. So what do you do then?


This week's articles share strategies for continuing strength gain and continuing improvement. Every approach is simple to implement, but could make the difference in reaching your next personal record - or reaching the bottom of your pistol squat. Check these out and give them a try. See how small changes in training can make big changes in your results.



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Editor's Picks

Why You Should Vary Your Back Squat Stance

Do you always squat with a wide stance? What if your stance were narrower? Or what if you varied where you place the bar on your back? Coach Chris Slone offers tips on how to keep getting the most from your back squat sessions.


Get Stronger and Stay Honest With Pause Reps

What if at the bottom of every squat you stopped completely and held it for a few seconds? That would be really hard, right? Welcome to pause squats! In this article coach Robert Camacho outlines how pausing can help you get stronger on all your lifts.



A Simple Yoga Flow to Improve Your Pistol Squat (Video)

Stymied by those darn one-legged squats? Coach Sima Tamaddon is here to help you out with her pre-workout flow designed to help you develop the balance and flexibility to get to the bottom of that pistol after all.


The Best Abdominal Exercises for the Strength Athlete

Coach Danny Takacs knows that crunches will get you nowhere when it comes to abdominal strength for heavy lifting. Instead he offers five tried-and-true core strength exercises to help you create the foundation for your primary lifts - and includes videos of the exercises.


Compensatory Acceleration Training: Speed Up Your Strength Gains

They don't call Fred Hatfield "Dr. Squat" for nothing. Coach Craig Marker recently spoke with Dr. Squat about a method for training that helped him become one of the first people to squat 1,000lbs and also helped Andy Bolton become the first person to deadlift 1,000lbs.


The Ruptured Renegade Injury Journal (Athlete Journal 1)

Sometimes getting stronger isn't about lifting more - but about getting back to where you were before you got injured. Unfortunately, coach Brandon Hofer recently ruptured his Achilles tendon. But fortunately, for our readers, he is sharing his journey back to strength, including videos of his physical therapy drills and details about his exercise substitutions.



Photo 1 "A Sailor lifts weights" by Official U.S. Navy Page Attribution-NonCommercial License.

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