Grow Older and Get Stronger With Our Mature Athlete Workouts

With these workouts from strength and conditioning coach Tom Kelso, aging can be an opportunity to get stronger than ever.

“Getting ‘old’ is a choice, until it’s not a choice anymore. I have always had the attitude that my body is my body, and I will make it do what I want it to do, not what my age ‘allows’ it to do. …I am going to rage against the dying of the light. Pick up the bar. Grab the rings. Squat heavy, and often. Look aging in the face and laugh. I will not go gentle into that dark night.”

– From Patrick McCarty‘s article, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Dark Night (Or How to Grow Older Disgracefully)

With these workouts from coach Tom Kelso (pictured below), aging can be an opportunity to get stronger and fitter than ever. Tom has written over 110 weeks of workouts for athletes who want to age with strength. That’s over two years of free workouts to keep you busy.

Meet the Coach

When it comes to strength and conditioning, Tom is a veteran. He received his Master’s Degree in Physical Education from Western Illinois University in 1984, and since then has worked in a variety of prominent positions in the strength and conditioning field. He served as Head Coach for Strength and Conditioning at Saint Louis University (2004-2008), the University of Illinois at Chicago (2001-2004), Southeast Missouri State University (1991-2001), and the University of Florida (1988-1990).

Currently, Tom works as an Exercise Physiologist with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and trains clients at Pinnacle Personal & Performance Training in Chesterfield, Missouri. Read all Tom’s articles here to learn more about his approach to strength and conditioning.

Tom has covered all the bases with these workouts. Whether you want to get stronger, swim in a Masters competition, or finish a 5K with your best times ever, you’ll find a cycle to meet your needs. And if you don’t, let us know what you’d like to see in the future!

Click the Cycle Names Below to See Each Program

Mature Athlete: Cycle One

The first cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts by Tom Kelso. Train progressively using basic exercises and training protocols to safely enhance fitness and strength.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Two

Cycle two of the Mature Athlete workouts continues to build strength and endurance, with an added flexibility component.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Three

The third cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts is another twelve-week program with a variety of training options and modes. This cycle integrates challenge workouts to keep you competing with yourself.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Four

Cycle Four of the Mature Athlete training incorporates a new training plan. The primary goal is to improve your performance in your sport or activity.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Five

The fifth cycle of Mature Athlete workouts gets back to the basics – strength and conditioning combined with your favorite athletic activity.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Six

The sixth cycle of Mature Athlete workouts is a unique combination of endurance and strength training challenges.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Seven

For the seventh cycle of mature athlete workouts, you will alternate a strength circuit, interval conditioning, an endurance circuit, and continuous conditioning over a twelve-week period.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Eight

Cycle eight of the Mature Athlete workouts aims to improve strength, endurance, and general fitness. A variety of exercises and exercise prescriptions are used for to achieve these goals.

Mature Athlete: Cycle Nine

Cycle nine of the Mature Athlete workouts is a unique 24-week fitness program. Weeks 1-12 focus on winning a Master’s swimming event. Weeks 13-24 emphasize winning a 5k run event.

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