Fitness Lessons Learned: The Essentials From Expert Coaches

Becca Borawski Jenkins


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Some of us have been doing this for longer than others. And in that time of training and coaching, succeeding and failing, you learn a few things. or at least, we hope we do.


This week's picks are all about the valuable lessons learned by athletes and coaches. And thank goodness they're sharing with us.



Editor's Picks

Delivering Happiness: The True Job of a Coach

Coach Eric Auciello shares his thoughts on what being a trainer is really all about. While people may show up seeking fitness, what everyone is truly seeking is happiness. And he'd like you to consider that it's your job as a coach to help get them there.


The 4 Best Things About Losing a Fight

Winning isn't everything, which is good, 'cause odds are we're all going to come out on the losing end of things sometimes. Coach Jonathan Puu wrote this article about dealing with your first kickboxing loss, but his advice applies to all sports and endeavors.



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An Uncomfortable Read for Coaches

You might not want to read this one. But you need to read this one. If you are a personal trainer or run a gym, then these are some money-based issues that are important for you to solve. You might not even realize you're the one doing these things. Coach Chet Morjaria explains.


A Periodized Plan for Success as a Personal Trainer

Coach John Annillo has been crashing gyms all over the country in order to help you with this particular lesson. No joke. He's been disguising himself to investigate the fitness industry and outline this business plan. Do you have a plan and metrics you follow? If not, read this.


My 5-Step Program to Rehab Your Competition Addiction

I've been doing this fitness thing a long time. Both as a coach and as client or athlete. I've learned a few things along the way. Lately, what I've learned is it's okay to just chill the heck out. But that's easier said than done, so here's my advice on how to step back and just enjoy your exercise.


What Physical Therapy Taught Me About Being Strong

You might think an injured, older, or post-surgical person might not have anything in common with you as an athlete. Strength and rehab expert Robert Camacho explains how this isn't true and what we can learn from those in recovery.


becca borawski, breaking muscle, editor's picks, best of breaking muscle

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