When you live and breathe a sport, it can be easy to forget that not everyone knows about it. Here's what you need to know about my passion - kettlebell sport.
I truly believe kettlebell sport to be the everyman, or everywoman, sport. Here's why.
Few things demonstrate shoulder strength in the same way as this exercise and its variations.
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Girevoy Sport has come a long way since the early days of circus strongman performances.
The bent press is an amazing exercise that aids in thoracic mobility, shoulder strength and stability.
Few exercises compare to the expression of strength and power you can develop with this movement.
Sneak away from your desk for six minutes for one of these brief but intense workouts.
When it comes to that gritty stamina required for fighting, the kettlebell is the king of the hill.
You could be missing out on some effective cross-training by overlooking the kettlebell.
The body will respond to anything you throw at it, but the kettlebell is a unique beast that requires high technique and low complexity.
It is tempting to call for the removal of overhead swings all together. With two better alternatives, they seem unnecessary.
Strength from the the kettlebell swing improves deadlifting, squatting, and even weightlifting.
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Here’s a simple progression to transition from two-hand to one-hand swings, and fix your shoulders problems too.
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Depth jumps are a risky way to train explosive strength. Today I'll show you how to use kettlebell swings to get the same benefits.