You'll never move on to the heavier kettlebells if you fail to master the basics of the jerk technique.
Assess your form to ensure that your clean, jerk, and snatch are on point.
Swinging the kettlebell overhead is unsafe, unhealthy, and unhelpful.
Develop upper-body strength and mobility with this challenging kettlebell exercise.
Intelligent programming is everything for the competitive athlete, and kettlebell sport is no exception.
These lesser known kettlebell movements will expose and challenge your weak areas.
There aren't many kettlebell workouts around that are as gruesome as the Chain of Pain - but it works.
Learn from my mistakes. You'll be stronger and faster in the long-run, and remain so for a long time.
The effectiveness of the kettlebell swing is determined by your approach, standards, and technique. If you're not going to do them right, don't waste your time.
Let’s use the most commonly performed kettlebell exercises to show a smart progression to loading the swing.
Focus on these movements for the next four to six weeks. Work up to a heavy kettlebell. You can thank me later.
Believe it or not, hinge movements translate to the neck. Packing your neck during kettlebell swings allows for a safer and stronger position.
If the swing and get up can improve the impressive balance of ballet dancers, chances are kettlebells can do the same for you.
Give the double kettlebell snatch a try if you're looking to test strength, create endurance, and challenge your coordination.
Hardstyle is the expression of ballistic strength. Here are some tips to help you get the most of it.
Few things demonstrate shoulder strength in the same way as this exercise and its variations.
Try some of these progressions and see your functional strength jump to new heights.
The bent press is an amazing exercise that aids in thoracic mobility, shoulder strength and stability.