6 Potential Missing Links in Your Training

Are you making mistakes or missing elements in your training and coaching that you’re not even aware of? Not after you read this article!

Are you making mistakes in your training and coaching that you’re not even aware of? Are there missing elements that are blocking your progress? Not after you read this article! My bet is that if you take the time to read each of these articles, you’re going to come away with a whole list of things to do or do differently next time you hit the gym.

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How to Scale CrossFit WODs for Measurable Improvements

If you train or coach CrossFit, then you know the scalability is part of what makes it possible for all people to do CrossFit-style workouts. But I bet you’ve never seen this particular type of scaling from coach Sean Manseau. He swears by its effectiveness.

When Good Cues Go Bad

Not every cue is for every athlete. If you’re telling every one of your athletes to squat or clean by using all the same phrases, then you’re probably not communicating with them effectively or efficiently. Coach Robert Camacho shares how the application of any given cue can change it from useful to useless.

The Mistake That’s Costing You Pounds in Your Cleans

This may be a mistake you’re making as an athlete or something you’re mistakenly teaching as a coach. It’s called the “hitch and bounce.” Read this article by CrossFit Games veteran and coach Patrick McCarty to find out if you’re guilty of this one.

How Tonnage Calculations Can Make You a Better Lifter

So, you keep a log of all your lifts. Now what? What do you do with those numbers? Weightlifting expert Dresdin Archibald gives us a math lesson and shares all the formulas we need to turn that book full of numbers into a critical analysis and bigger lifts.

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Greasing the Groove: How to Make It Work for You

You may have heard this phrase. You may think it means something like “do pull ups all day long.” And while that’s not necessarily incorrect, it’s also not getting at the why and how of this training approach. Coach Craig Marker explains it all in full.

The Number One Rookie Training Mistake

And what’s the biggest, most common mistake of all? The one trainees in all different disciplines are most likely to make? The one you might be making right now? Coach Andrew Read reveals.

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