As if TGUs weren't challenging enough, let's add another twist.
If you cannot maintain form with the weight you use then, change the weight. Pride and ego should not dictate practice and principle.
Start the week off with a good session on the bench and then some.
It's here. After 21 days you are ready to hit the century mark. Good luck.
Respect this rest day because next time we're going to be finishing this challenge on a high note.
Safety considered, there is value to making yourself move in simple conditioning drills.
You should be feeling it today but if you have been keeping up with the challenge, you'll so be energized for the endpoint.
Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance).
You should definitely be starting to hold on to the kettlebell for longer spells and feeling better as the reps go up again.
If sets require interruption at designated weights, or position breaks, make a minor adjustment and continue.
It's rest day, and we're going to need it before we hit the home stretch on this challenge.
Each set should be difficult, violent, and feature sound positioning throughout.
Today, why not try speeding up the pace.
We're going to bring down the reps again as we get closer to our day of reckoning.
Goal is fluid, seamless transition from movement to movement, and hand-to-hand switches from side-to-side.
At the two week mark we hit our highest rep count so far.
Yes, it is another rest day, but you can still challenge yourself in other ways.