Competition and Motivation: Two Essentials for the Athlete

This week’s collection addresses topics relevant not just for athletes, but for all of us who live in a world with both failure and success.

Ask any athlete and they will tell you of the benefits of competition. Ask any businessman and you’ll probably hear the same. Athletes are highly sought after people in the business world because they understand the results of hard work, the necessity of dedication, and the boon that losing, failing, and making mistakes actually is.

This week’s collection of articles addresses topics that are relevant not just to the athlete, but to all of us who live in a world where failure and success both happen. Competition is one of the tools we have for learning how to navigate life, in and outside of the gym. It is where some of us find our motivation – not in a base sense, but in a truly useful sense.

Competition and Motivation – Editor’s Picks of the Week

3 Things I Learned While Sitting Out the CrossFit Games Open

Coach Michelle Baumann couldn’t participate in the Open this year the same way she has in years past – she’s got two little buns in the oven! But by stepping aside, being a teammate, coach, and supporter, she learned new things about CrossFit, her community, and herself.

Things Are Changing in the BJJ Competition World

Coach Sam Spiegelman has been on the Brazilian jiu jitsu scene for a long time. And he’s seen some important things change in the realm of competition. If you plan on hitting the tournament scene, then you should read his advice on how to be prepared.

The 4 Paradoxes of Boxing (and Fighting)

Boxing, and the fighting arts as a whole, are full of conflict. Not just conflict between the two fighters in the ring, but conflict within themselves and even within the technique they are practicing. Coach Eric Stevens walks us through the biggest contrasts in boxing, and also shares how they are relevant to our lives.

The Science and Psychology of Motivation for Athletes

Competition is one of the many things that motivates us. Or, rather, one of the things that can potentially motivate us. But each of us is moved differently, inspired differently. Coach Amber Larsen takes a look at the science behind what makes us do what we do.

Athletes Have More Mental Toughness – In and Out of the Gym

One of the qualities employers in the “real world” like about athletes is the mental toughness that comes from years of training, learning, and competition. And that toughness isn’t just about being hard, it’s about great qualities like hope, optimism, and perseverance. Coach Craig Marker explains.

Taking Home Gold (Athlete Journal Entry 13)

And speaking of perseverance, athlete James Kearns has had a heck of a training and competition season so far this year, with a lot of ups and downs. But this past weekend his hard work and dedication paid off at the Boston Open.

Why Winning and Losing Matters and the Dodo Is Extinct

Not everyone can come in first place. That’s just the truth. Yet, many school systems are trying to take winning and losing out of the equation. Does it actually help? Are there important things we gain from competition that involve the acts of winning and losing? Coach Dresdin Archibald explains his thoughts on the matter.

Photo courtesy of CrossFit LA.