The bent press is a skill that can help you get seriously strong and stable.
You can't have a weak grip and expect to get anything of value done.
These exercises will take your swing to another level.
Having a big chest, big arms, and 6-pack abs doesn't always translate to strength.
Kettlebell snatches are good for a lot more than conditioning, but there's more to them than "a swing that ends up overhead."
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The double clean will make or break your success in learning double kettlebell progressions.
An honest evaluation of all your training variables can help you find what's holding you back.
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The price and weight gaps can make moving to a bigger kettlebell intimidating, but here's how to progress logically and safely.
Train your grit by continuously pushing beyond your comfort zone.
In all my years as a practicing osteopath and a competitor, this is the most common injury I've seen.
You'll never move on to the heavier kettlebells if you fail to master the basics of the jerk technique.
Assess your form to ensure that your clean, jerk, and snatch are on point.
Swinging the kettlebell overhead is unsafe, unhealthy, and unhelpful.
Develop upper-body strength and mobility with this challenging kettlebell exercise.
Intelligent programming is everything for the competitive athlete, and kettlebell sport is no exception.