Need For Speed: 8 Articles to Increase Performance on Land Or Water

Speed is a critical element of many sports and athletic disciplines. These eight articles on speed training will make you faster on the land or in water.

Athletes are always looking for a way to get faster, regardless of their disicpline. Here are eight articles to help you get faster as a runner, lifter, swimmer, or martial artist.

Can a Bigger Squat Make You Faster? Find Out What Science Says (Andrew Read)

Can strength training make you a faster sprinter? And is there a difference between the results in a recreational versus elite athlete? Find out what the researchers discovered.

Speed is Power, But It’s Not Everything (Eric C. Stevens)

You see it in any and every athletic endeavor – speed is power. Muhammad Ali was great for most of his career because he was faster than his opponents with both his hands and his feet.

What the Fartlek?! (Jill Kerkman)

While it may sound like joke fodder for fifth graders, this type of workout can help runners, from beginners to seasoned vets, hit the ground running to better fitness or a faster PR.

Speed Kills, Part 1: Proper Development of Speed for the Athlete (Andrew Read)

Many athletes, especially the fighters I work with, want more speed. But they go about it all wrong. Let’s look at the relationship between speed and strength and how to properly build it.

Speed Kills, Part 2: Proper Development of Speed for the Athlete (Andrew Read)

Does training with heavy gloves or practicing punching while holding dumbbells do any good? I say it doesn’t. In fact, I think it does harm to a fighter’s punching skills.

Scientifically-Proven Tips For Faster Sprinting (Jeff Barnett)

Scientists took a close look at sprint performance and determined four things that made a difference in run times. Even though they’re small, these techniques can make a big difference.

How to Swim Faster: It’s All In Your Head (Hannah Caldas)

You want to swim faster, but your legs are too muscly and they weigh you down? Well, the REAL problem is in your head. No, you’re not crazy, but your head position and technique may be.

Increasing Forces: Using the Kettlebell Swing to Increase Strength and Speed (Andrew Read)

The vertical jump is revered as a test of force production. Research shows kettlebell swings can increase vertical jump. Swings, done correctly, can increase both strength and speed in athletes.

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