Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2013

We have assembled a team of nutrition experts, each with different specialities, to present you with a wide range of topics and opinions on the subject of nutrition.

The subject of nutrition tends to be a minefield of information, and it can be difficult to find a trusted resource in the field. We have assembled a team of nutrition experts, each with different specialities, to present you with a wide range of topics and opinions on the subject of nutrition. The top ten nutrition articles of 2013 are a perfect sample of what we covered this year.

So here they are, counting down from number ten to the most popular one of the year. Which one will it be? And have you read them all?

Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2013

10. Insulin and Glucagon: How to Manipulate Them and Lose Fat (Tom Kelso)

Do you know what insulin and glucagon do in your body? If you have goals that include reducing your body fat, you really should learn about these hormones and how they affect fat storage.

9. Grok Didn’t Eat Oatmeal and Other “Directionally Accurate” Paleo Myths (Keith Norris)

Those who disparage the Paleo diet often cite the mythical caveman “Grok” as evidence exhibit A. Let me explain why Grok is essential for changing people’s lifestyles and health.

8. Eat What You Want: Your Macros and the Truth About Carbs (Devin Harper)

You can eat anything you want as long as it fits within your caloric budget and macronutrient split. Whether you get your carbs from donuts or oatmeal, you can still improve your body comp.

7. The Four Rs: How to Restore Optimal Gut Health (Brad Sly)

Alright, so you know why you need good bacteria in your guts, and maybe you’ve determined your guts need some help – now what? Here are the Four Rs of getting your guts back in working order.

6. Five Supplements Even CrossFitters Should Love (Becca Borawski Jenkins)

CoQ10, magnesium, phosphatidylserine, vitamin D, and protein – are you taking them? Here’s why you need ignore the bad press and start taking these supplements.

5. How Long Does It Take to Get Hydrated? (Jeff Barnett)

Hydration is important, but it’s easier to restore than you think. New science shows all it takes is a couple glasses a water, not even an hour before your workout.

4. The Great Egg Debate: 4 Reasons You Need to Stop Eating Eggs (Jeff Taraday)

Eggs. Nature’s perfect food, right? I used to think the same way, but with a wealth of incriminating evidence piling up, eggs have lost their luster for me.

3. How to Plan and Cook a Week’s Worth of Healthy, Tasty Meals (Becca Borawski Jenkins)

Cooking your own healthy meals can feel expensive and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be either. Here’s my system for planning, shopping for, and cooking a week’s worth of great food.

2. An Athlete’s Guide to Inflammation: What to Eat and What to Avoid (Brad Sly)

Some foods promote inflammation, while others alleviate it. Unless you are eating and supplementing with this in mind, you could be seriously impeding your performance in the gym.

1. Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil: What’s the Difference? (Brad Sly)

You’re shopping for an omega-3 supplement and you keep hearing about both krill oil and fish oil. Which should you take? Let’s examine them both so you can make the best decision for your fitness.

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