10 Pieces on Kids’ Nutrition and Childhood Obesity

It is important that we give our children the best start in life. Because we all know what kids would eat if it was up to them! Here are ten pieces on kids nutrition to inform and guide you.

As a whole, the issue of childhood obesity isn’t getting any better. Which is why when it comes to kids’ nutrition, it is important that we seek knowledge from reliable sources in order to give our children the best start in life. Because we all know what kids would eat if it was up to them! Here are ten pieces on kids’ nutrition and childhood obesity to inform and guide you.

I Don’t Want To Eat That: 6 Tips on Making Healthy Eating for Kids Not So Difficult (David Varnes)

In Kid Speak, words like “vegetable,” “healthy,” “nutritious,” and “balanced” are equivalent to words that just can’t be printed on this website. What can a parent do?

Comic Books Inspire Healthier Eating for Kids (Becca Borawski Jenkins)

Childhood obesity is of growing concern in the United States. The number of children medically categorized as obese is rising every single year. What can comic books do to help?

5 First Foods for Paleo Babies and Toddlers (Nicole Crawford)

When it comes to good nutrition, it helps to start ’em young. Here are my five favorite first foods for babies and toddlers. And by the way, rice cereal is not on the list.

The Best Tactics for Teaching Your Child to Eat Well (Jeff Barnett)

A new study looked at different tactics used by parents to get their children to eat well, and determined which were most effective. Cleaning your plate turns out not to be the best idea.

Goodbye Cheerios, Hello Chicken: One Family’s Attempt at Paleo Eating (Nicole Crawford)

One day I realized that my baby liked Cheerios more than vegetables, and I knew something had to change. Here’s what worked and what didn’t for our family’s version of the “paleo challenge.”

4 Factors That Help Your Child Eat Healthier (Jeff Barnett)

Mexican American children are 60% more likely to be overweight. Scientists studied a population of Mexican American kids to determine what parenting methods could lead to better eating habits.

Kids Are Fatter, Sicker, and Slower – What Can We Do About It? (Eric C. Stevens)

We have a responsibility to protect children – all of us. We have to step up as a society and care for our children and get them well.

The Deadly Ways Excess Sugar is Stunting Your Child (Jonathan Precel)

You know sugar is bad for you, but do you know what excessive sugar intake does to your child? And that it is as powerful as cocaine addition? Find out how sugar affects the brain of your child.

What Processed Food Is Doing To Kids and How We Can Change It (Nicole Crawford)

By now you’ve probably heard to avoid feeding your kids a lot of processed food. Here are a few reasons why and also some tips for weaning children off highly processed, low nutrient foods.

5 Ways You Can Help Prevent Childhood Obesity (Fred Fornicola)

Being overweight has an enormous impact on children, physically, mentally, and emotionally. What can we do to change the obesity trend? Here are 5 ideas you can implement with the kids in your life.

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