14 Strongman Articles to Strengthen Your Knowledge

Strongman is about as raw and basic as it gets. We can learn a lot from strongmen of old and modern day strongman competitors. Here are fourteen articles full of information to get you strong.

Strongman is not a new concept. It is about as raw and basic as it gets. Picking odd-objects up and often putting them overhead, carrying them, squatting them, pushing them, flipping them, and dragging them – these are movements we have done since the beginning of time, both for survival and fun. We can learn a lot from both strongmen of old and modern day strongman competitors. There are massive benefits to training in the ways which strongmen train. Here are fourteen articles full of information to get you strong.

Get Stronger Today With Lessons From Old-Time Strongmen (Logan Christopher)

There is a lot more to learn from great athletes of many years ago. If you take just a few ideas from them regarding strength and training, you too should be able to become as strong.

33 Reasons to Train Strongman (Chet Morjaria)

Strongman training is about true functional strength. Strongman is about getting you strong to a degree that you never thought possible. Here are 33 reasons you need to start doing it.

Strongman Profile: Arthur Saxon Teaches Us the Dumbbell Swing (Logan Christopher)

Here was a man who could lift 370lbs overhead with a single arm in the bent press. This lift has never been matched by anyone in over a hundred years since it occurred.

An Introduction to Implement Training: Get Strong Like a Strongman (Mindith Rahmat)

Implement training is on the rise in strength training programs today. Implements used in strongman training can include; tires, sandbag, stones, chains, wheelbarrows, kegs, logs, sleds, and more.

Strongman Profile: Alexander Zass Teaches Us About Isometrics (Logan Christopher)

Zass was not a weight lifter but performed feats such as bending bars, breaking chains, massive support and carrying lifts, and even several teeth lifts – there’s even video of him doing this.

What Strongman Training Can Teach Us About Getting Strong (Chet Morjaria)

Strongman-strong is a special kind of strong. We can learn a lot from taking a look at the basic principles of this training – whether you aim to be a strongman or simply a strong man.

Strongman Profile: Bob Peoples Schools Us on the Deadlift (Logan Christopher)

Bob Peoples deadlifted 725lbs at 181lbs bodyweight and at the age of forty. Although people have pulled more than him today, he is certainly one of the greatest of all time.

Life of a Strongman: An Interview With Tom McClure (Becca Borawski Jenkins)

Get a glimpse inside the life and training regimen of a professional strongman.

Strongman Profile: Hermann Goerner Teaches Us the Deadlift (and Elephant Wrestling) (Logan Christopher)

Hermann Goerner could one-hand snatch 167.75lbs, could one-arm deadlift 727lbs, and regularly wrestled an elephant weighting 1,500lbs. Here’s how he trained.

What Strongman Training Can Teach Weightlifters and Workers (Dresdin Archibald)

How does functional training affect us outside the gym, particularly at work? We might learn a few of the strongmen’s tricks that will make an industrial labor job a bit easier.

Strongman Profile: Maxick Teaches Us the Lost Art of Muscle Control (Logan Christopher)

Muscle control is for the most part a lost art. Yet a hundred years ago there was one man whose name was synonymous with it. That man was Maxick.

Thinking Outside the Box: Strongman Training for Swimming (Hannah Caldas)

Maybe you’ve heard about U.S. swimming superstar Ryan Lochte using strongman training to become a better swimmer. I’ve used them, too, and here are my recommendations for the best exercises.

Strongman Training Good For Testosterone (Doug Dupont)

Is strongman-style training better for your testosterone levels than conventional strength training? Science compared athletes and examined their levels post-workout.

Pick Up Something New: 10 Loaded Carries to Strengthen Your Training (and Yourself) (Chet Morjaria)

Do you include loaded carries in your training? That’s not a loaded question. Whether you do or not, carry on. You’ll pick up something new.

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