9 Articles to Help You Hang Onto Your Health Through the Holidays

Here are nine articles to help you maintain your health, your sanity, and your waistline over the holiday season.

For most, holidays are a time to relax and enjoy good food and good friends. This doesn’t mean holidays are without their stresses though! Everything we know about looking after ourselves tends to go out of the window for a few days as we look after others, or find ourselves getting looked after a bit too well! Here are nine articles to serve as a reminder of how to hang onto your health during the holidays.

3 Steps to Holiday Health (Traver H. Boehm)

Committed to your fitness, but overwhelmed by the holidays? Here are three quick and easy tips to help keep you lean, mean, and healthy throughout the busy season!

How to Train, Travel, and Relax During the Holidays (Breaking Muscle HQ)

It’s the holiday season and for many people that means three things: lots of traveling, training on the road, and (hopefully) relaxation. Here are 7 articles to help you make the most of your holiday.

Practice Your Practice: 4 Mental Steps to Stay Active this Holiday (Becca Borawski)

When the holiday season gets stressful, why do we abandon the practices keep our minds and body healthy – the gym, dojo, or studio? This year use these four steps to stay on track.

4 Killer Workouts for While You’re on Holiday or Vacation (Jonathan Precel)

Here are four workouts you can do, despite having only a hotel gym or no equipment at all. They’re a little different, but you might surprise yourself.

How to Stay Plant-Based and Survive the Holidays (Jeff Taraday)

Holiday stress can lead to overeating and bad food choices. How are we to navigate this time of the year and keep a healthy, plant-based diet? I’ve got five tips to increase your chance of survival.

Healthy Travel Tips, Part 1: Car & Plane Travel (Lindsey Mathews)

It’s that time of year when a lot of us are traveling. How do you stay healthy? Here are my tips for staying vibrant, healthy, and enjoying the holidays whether it be by car or plane.

The Ugly Truth: Holiday Foods and Their Caloric Content (Tom Kelso)

It’s that time of year – when we start eating and don’t stop until after the Super Bowl. Let’s look at the shocking reality of the caloric content of our favorite holiday foods.

Healthy Travel Tips, Part 2: Hotel and Lodging (Lindsey Mathews)

One of the major stresses at holidays is travel. Here are tips for how to keep yourself healthy whether you’re staying with friends and family or you’re staying at a hotel.

In Defense of Alcohol: Why Drinking is “Good for You” and How to Not Get Fat from It (Pat Flynn)

Thanksgiving is approaching, so here’s my advice on how to gorge and guzzle, and not get fat.

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