10 Caffeine Articles to Pore Over

Many people consume coffee or energy drinks before exercise, in seach of an extra boost. But how effective is caffeine as an aid to performance? Does it have other benefits or disadvantages? Here are ten articles to answer these questions, and others.


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29 Studies Confirm Caffeine Increases Athletic Performance (Mindith Rahmat)

The ergogenic effects of caffeine have been examined many times in recent years. New research in a full literature review confirms further that caffeine intake does enhance human performance.



Caffeine Enhances Muscle Performance (Joshua Wortman)

Recent studies show caffeine can increase the performance of aging muscles through improved muscle movement and breathing capacity.


Caffeine Decreases Muscle Soreness (Jeff Barnett)

We all know caffeine provides an energy boost, but a new study reveals yet another perk you get from your cup of joe: decreased muscle soreness.


Caffeine Increases Bench Press Performance (Mindith Rahmat)

New research examines effect of caffeine ingestion on sports performance in athletes.



Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Testosterone? (Jeff Barnett)

There are rumors that caffeine can boost your testosterone, and there are those who say the opposite. Recently researchers took a look to determine the actual impact of coffee on testosterone.


Red Bull vs. Straight Caffeine: Which Is Better? (Joshua Wortman)

You know you get a boost from caffeine, but are taurine and B-vitamins in your energy drink doing anything at all? Scientists tested Redbull to determine if those other ingredients help.


Energy Drinks and Performance: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Andrew Read)

Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world. It’s cheap, legal, and socially acceptable. But what are the effects of energy drinks on our health and performance? Good or bad?


Energy Drinks: An Athlete's Friend or Foe? (Natalie Johnson)

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your energy drink? Love the boost it gives you, but not so sure about the ingredients. Here's some info on what's inside that little can of energy.


Science Says: Energy Drinks Really Do Work (Joshua Wortman)

There is no doubt that caffeine plays a role in increasing performance, but just how much does it really help? Recent research looked at different dosages and the scientifically measured benefits.


Recent Study Doubting Benefits of Caffeine Might Be Flawed (Doug Dupont)

A new study was inconclusive about the benefits of caffeine supplementation, but at closer look the study might not have been looking in the right places as caffeine can be quite beneficial.


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