The Top 10 Women’s Fitness Articles of 2014

From smart programming, to body image, to pregnancy, this year’s top articles cover all the bases.

Women are not the same as men, and their training shouldn’t be the same, either. From smart programming, to body image, to pregnancy, this year’s top articles are a gold mine of knowledge and wisdom for athletic women.

Here are the top ten women’s fitness articles from 2014, counting down from number ten to number one:

10. 12 Cycles of Workouts – Just For Women!
By Breaking Muscle HQ

From running a record 10K, to developing core strength, to mastering strict pull ups, these workouts by Mindith Rahmat are designed to help women achieve their fitness goals.

9. Since I Was Nine, I’ve Hated My Thighs
By Becca Borawski Jenkins

If you’re a woman (or a man for that matter), you need to read this article. Becca Borawski Jenkins tells how she has come to find and love herself.

8. The Role of Testosterone for the Female Athlete
By Amber Larsen

Coach Amber Larsen discusses how this important hormone functions in women, and the differences between males and females.

7. Tips For Cultivating a Positive Body Image for Your Female Clients
By Molly Galbraith

Body image is a difficult topic for many women, but it’s also one of the most important. Coach Molly Galbraith discusses this critical aspect of training women.

6. We Are Not Victims of Our Bodies
By Becca Borawski Jenkins

Becca has an assignment for you: stop worrying about what other people think and celebrate what’s unique about your body.

5. What Is Vaginismus? A Guide for the Female Athlete
By Amber Larsen

Athletic women are more likely to experience vaginismus. Amber explains what it is and how to deal with it.

4. The Reality of Stretch Marks: My Body Will Never Be the Same
By Nicole Crawford

Ninety percent of pregnant women get stretch marks. Nicole Crawford shares how she has come to see them in a new light.

3. 10 Signs Your Scale Is Telling You Lies
By Amy D. Hester

The scale is not a source of ultimate truth. Amy D. Hester lists ten signs your fitness is improving – that don’t involve numbers on a scale.

2. My Post Pregnancy CrossFit Comeback
By Erica Saint Clair

Everyone says you come back stronger after pregnancy, but it’s not that simple. If you’re a mom, you’ll relate to coach Erica Saint Clair‘s article about the not-so-easy comeback.

1. Women Are Not Small Men: Essential Info for Female Athletes
By Becca Borawski Jenkins

Why is it so many trainers instruct women as if they were just small men? Coach Becca gives her perspective on how women should adjust their training.

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