Author: Brad Sly

Brad Sly is passionate about nutrition and fitness. He is a nutritionist and a certified personal trainer. Brad struggled with his weight for years, but it wasn't until seeing his brother's wedding photos that he decided to make a more positive shift in his health. Starting his loss at 128kg, it was a long journey, but in the end he lost a whooping 50 kilograms and changed his life for the better in the process. Through studying nutrition and fitness on the Internet to try and help with his fat loss and muscle gain, Brad decided he needed more information and wanted to help others with the knowledge he was learning. He enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine first and then studied for his certificate 3 and 4 in fitness to also become a trainer. From all this knowledge Brad created BSHF. Now Brad helps others reach their goals using solid nutrition advice and fun fitness workouts utilizing a vast array of techniques from powerlifting and strongman routines to explosive bootcamps to tasty recipes and food coaching classes. When Brad isn't helping others reach their goals he can be found either creating a tasty new recipe, training for his first strong man competition, or relaxing with his wife and kids.

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