Lifestyle change often fails because we try to do too much and we train too little.
For consistent positive actions, we must consider how our environment may knowingly or unknowingly manipulate a default choice.
You can't control natural talent, but only attitude and effort.
If you had to choose one thing you could do to enhance your work, relationships, attitude, confidence, and health, it would be exercise.
The age of automation threatens to make more humans useless.
If you're doing all the right things and still struggling, it's time to ask for help.
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Recently a CrossFit affiliate was called out for posting pictures of its female members on social media and you can probably guess why. Have things gone too far on social media?
The difference between who you are and who you want to be is the action you take every day to become the latter.
It doesn't help unhealthy people to dance around the fact that they're unhealthy.
A deeper understanding of human needs and motivation will allow you to zero in on the practices that will bring success.
If you have to force yourself to decide everything about your health and fitness, you're going to run out of steam.
The practice of yoga in care homes, when both staff and children are involved, can lead to both individual and social benefits.
Many mental health disorders have been found to be associated with abnormalities in heart function and blood pressure.
We tend to fall into routines, then get rocked when our expected reality is altered. How can we be more ready?
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