healthy eating

This study may lead to more research on how the skin is an integral player in metabolic responses and control which could help create new ways of dealing with aging through diet.
According to research out of Duke University Medical Center, there is one "master cell" responsible for controlling all your habits.
Since this meal is quick to put together and can be kept warm or easily reheated, it’s ideal for those nights when you’re all running from one activity to another.
With the right lifestyle modifications we can slow the aging process regardless of our current status.
That bitter taste you hated as a kid could be the flavor of improved health as an adult.
Eating clean wholesome foods nourishes you, energizes you, and makes you feel physically and mentally strong.
This thing is a one-step shortcut to your weekly meal prep.
Having a sugar-sweetened drink with a high-protein meal may negatively affect energy balance, alter food preferences and cause the body to store more fat.
Knowing your mind and body gives you a huge advantage over how successful your diet will be.
Consuming at least three servings of low-fat dairy a day is associated with a greater risk of developing Parkinson's, according to a large study.
If you're making the wrong food choices, in this case, refined grains, your child may suffer for it.
Long-term benefits are due to the bioactive compounds in the leaves, such as catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins and L-theanine.
This study looked at how decadent-sounding descriptions can increase vegetable consumption drastically.
This unusual fruit is a great meat substitute for vegan athletes because it provides a protein source.
It’s easy to choose meal convenience over healthy options when it comes to the world of delivery meals. We review one company who offers an alternative approach.
How are diet foods going to cause you to gain weight? Simple: it's all about the sugar.
Researchers compared alternate-day fasting to a traditional calorie-reduction diet and found surprising results.