Serious Gear For Serious Athletes: 9 Products To Bring to the Gym

You won’t show up unprepared for your workout with these 9 products we’ve reviewed, including a gym bag, headphones, jump ropes, and more!

Finding your way through the endless aisles of fitness gear can be exhausting. Save your energy for your workout and check out these products we’ve reviewed. From earphones, to compression gear, to hand protection, we’ve got it covered!

Product Review: New Balance Performance Duffel (Logan Gelbrich)

Before now I’ve never really bought into the idea of using a gym bag. But it turns out the New Balance Performance Duffel bag was everything a guy would want out of a gym bag.

Product Review: Rage Leather Hand Grips

Need to protect your hands during a workout? One of the best tools on the market are the Rage Leather Hand Grips.

Product Review: Yurbuds – Ironman Inspire Earphones (Mindith Rahmat)

Getting fed up with earphones falling out of your ears and driving you crazy in a workout? Yurbuds earphones are a must have for any fitness enthusiast that loves to listen to music on the go.

Product Review: SPI Band (Logan Gelbrich)

If you’ve ever started off on a jog, hike, or workout with a handful of anything, the SPIband is for you. With the SPIband, there’s no more need for a cumbersome bag for small item storage.

Product Review: Rumble Roller (Becca Borawski)

Most of you have experienced the joys of foam rolling – now imagine you had a foam roller that could give you more benefit, in less time, AND last forever. Check out the Rumble Roller.

Product Review: 2XU Compression Gear (Logan Gelbrich)

The world of compression gear has become filled with numerous brands, but 2XU stands out as a quality brand that actually makes a difference in performance and recovery.

Product Review: Versa Gripps (Logan Gelbrich)

What it you could have weightlifting straps, wrist wraps, and gymnastic grips all in one piece of equipment? Try out Versa Gripps – great for pulling, pushing, and protecting the wrists and hands.

Product Review: RockTape and Rock Sauce (Becca Borawski)

Kinesiology taping first began as a way to promote healing from injury, but has since evolved to become a performance enhancing technique.

Product Review: Ultra Speed Cable Jump Ropes (Becca Borawski)

Over my six years of training in CrossFit I have tried out numerous types of jump ropes. The Ultra Speed Cable jump ropes are the best for double unders and easy to travel with.

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