Author: Chet Morjaria

Chet is an educator, editor, writer, and speaker. Chet is founder and lead coach of Strength Education, an organisation that provides a learning and coaching roadmap for those serious about strength. This is through an acclaimed series of courses, followed by a year long mentorship program. He programs the strength training for Ironwork, a program for competitive CrossFit athletes with a specialist program for masters athletes. Chet also works closely with the Broad Box Group to advise on movement and strength for athletes with complex needs. Although these two populations are at diverse ends of the spectrum, he believes the principles underlying strength and movement are the same. Chet is also managing editor of Breaking Muscle US, UK, and AU. Most of Chet's current body of writing work can also be found on Breaking Muscle, though he writes for numerous national publications, such as Men's Fitness. He is often asked to speak on podcasts and webinars, and at industry summits including Strength Matters and Health Unplugged.

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What Is Functional Training?

Many buzzwords seem to fly around the fitness industry. Words like “functional,” “primal,” and “developmental” hover above us, just slightly out of focus to make

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