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Dresdin Archibald is a 63-year-old accountant from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He started weight training in 1963 at age 14, moving over to the Olympic-lifts in 1966, and continues training to this day. As an athlete, Dresdin competed in his prime at 90 kg and did best lifts of 115 press, 102.5 snatch and 142.5 C&J (all kilos). He competed in three Canadian National Championships and two Canada Games, and also completed a month-long training camp at the famed Athleten Club Mutterstadt in Germany in 1974. Also on that trip was Rob Macklem, who took his first lifting photos there. Dresdin did take a turn at the Masters, lifting in the 1992 Worlds plus a couple of Pan-Ams. In his early days, he also did a bit of powerlifting, marking his 46th birthday with a 300 kg squat. Dresdin has been an International referee since 1970 and was promoted to No. 1 level in 1980. He is still very active, producing a Referee’s Manual every Olympiad, which gives a fuller explanation of the IWF Technical Rules. He has officiated at Senior and University Worlds, Pan Am Games and Championships, as well as the Commonwealth Games. He has also help organize several National and International level competitions and served as a team leader at the LA Olympics and several Junior and Senior World Championships. Dresdin also served on the Canadian Olympic Committee. Dresdin has met many luminaries over his years of involvement in Olympic lifting, including Bob Hise II and III, Bill Starr, Oscar State, Tamas Ajan, Lyn Jones, Wally Holland, Clarence Johnson, Philippe St. Cyr, the Coffa Brothers, Maurice Allan, Jim Schmitz, Dieter Stamm, John Thrush and many others. Without those contacts, he would not be in the position to share any of his knowledge today.

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